In-Reach Program

In-Reach is an engagement, education and support effort designed to accurately and fully inform adults who have a serious mental illness (SMI) or a serious and persistent mental illness (SPMI) about community-based mental health services and supported housing options including but not limited to the availability of tenancy support services and rental assistance.

In-Reach is ongoing with the goal of educating individuals about all services that may be beneficial to him/her as well as community-based options:

  • The option to transition to supported housing and its benefits
  • The array of services and supports available to those in supported housing including: rental subsidy, tenancy supports
  • The option to remain in the adult care home and the services that can be offered to support him/her in that setting
  • Information about Medicaid, Special Assistance, and services under the North Carolina State Plan for Medical Assistance or the State funded service array for which the individual is eligible
  • The option to consider employment through Supported Employment or the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Information on community activities and resources that match their interests and needs (social, recreational, educational, faith based, health and wellness, etc.)
  • Opportunities to meet with other individuals who are living, working and receiving services in integrated settings

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