Peer Support Services

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At RI International we have seen the power and success of the peer experience, and rely on a workforce of Peer Support Specialists who transform their past experiences into healing for others. The use of Peer Support Specialists has been the most significant factor in moving recovery forward in individual lives as well as within our organization and the service system.

Peer Support Specialists are employed at RI International’s service sites and programs across the country. Our Peer Support staff members are active in their communities, working tirelessly to bring RI’s message of recovery and hope to thousands.



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Welcome Center Staff (Phoenix, AZ)

Welcome Center   |   The place to begin your journey to recovery with RI! Located at RI International’s central office in Phoenix, the Welcome Center team assists individuals new to RI services with questions about which services they may be eligible for, through the Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care SMI program. The Welcome Center staff will assist with the initial referral process each step of the way. Read more.

Circle of Friends   |   Circle of Friends provides a wide range of recreational and socialization activities throughout the Phoenix area. Individuals actively participate in meaningful activities, create new friendships, build support networks, and learn about a wide range of community resources/supports to help further their own recovery. Read more.

Peer Recovery Team   |   The Peer Recovery Team provides individual and group peer support in a hospital setting as well as in the community for individuals who have been recently discharged. The Peer Recovery Team focuses on and supports each individual’s recovery/sobriety goals upon transition from the hospital to their own home. Read more.


Peer Liaison Team in San Diego   |   The Peer Liaison Services program of San Diego County assists people to advocate for their needs and rights by acting as a two-way conduit to gather and disseminate information between Mental Health System of Care and people receiving services and their families. Read more.


Peer Bridger Program in Pierce County   |   The Peer Bridger Program is a community/home-based outreach service which is designed to be short term community support for Pierce County residents (over 18 years of age). This program provides services to individuals to support their recovery as they transition from inpatient services back into the community. Read more.