The RI Way

RI International is a global organization with more than 50 programs throughout the United States and abroad. Our services include crisis, outpatient, housing, community support teams, and more. Every RI site is founded on the RI Way of Safety, Peer-Powered, Engaged, and Performance. Safety always come first in all aspect of operations. Peer integration is the foundation of the RI Ways and is woven into the fabric of our company from leadership to direct supports in our community. Engagement is the omnipresent thread that recovery is possible in all that we do and is delivered by developing a partnership with our guests, communities and with the teamwork of our staff. Performance is created with exceptional care delivery with a systemic commitment to our processes creating accountability and driving quality improvement projects. We strive to deliver the fusion of clinical best practices, peer-delivered care, and to provide care to anyone, anywhere, anytime.


RI’s Crisis programs are located in Arizona, California, Delaware, Louisiana, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Washington state and include Recovery Response Centers (Crisis Stabilization Programs), Evaluation & Treatment Centers (Involuntary & Court-Ordered treatment) and Crisis Respites. They are aligned with the Crisis Now model for exceptional practices for crisis stabilization programs. We focus on recovery orientation, trauma-informed care, significant use of peer staff, a commitment to Zero Suicide/Suicide Safer Care, strong commitments for consumers and staff, and collaboration with law enforcement and first responders.

RI is known for creating the best possible recovery experience, using healing spaces with recliners, soft colors and a home-like atmosphere. The teams, comprised of doctors, nursing staff, and peers with lived experience, weave recovery, clinical, and medical services together, providing comprehensive care. RI makes every effort to eliminate seclusion and restraint and to serve all people regardless of level of acuity, without resorting to physical interventions. Peer-operated “Living Room” programs ensure that participants are paired with a team of Peer Support Specialists in recovery. Each guest is encouraged to work with the team and empowered to develop their own recovery plan.


The RI model has had a global impact on the mental health field serving as a demonstration that recovery from mental illness and/or addiction is possible.

Using principles and practices that create recovery opportunities, RI International offers Outpatient Programs in multiple locations that are providing individual and group peer support, counseling, vocational training, education and socialization programs. We strive to ensure and demonstrate that recovery is possible for everyone, no matter the circumstance.


Through our transitional and permanent housing programs, wraparound services are provided to help the individuals we serve maintain his or her housing. The services provided, in applicable programs, include peer support, daily wellness checks, lease/tenant education, case management, eviction prevention, and transportation.