Two important initiatives at RI International (RI) are the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Leadership Council and the Peer Leadership Council. Moving beyond nominal gestures of inclusion, RI has developed the means to give voice to the organization’s team members through these two unique councils. In 2018, RI elevated the presence of people with living experience of mental health and substance use challenges through the Peer Leadership Council. Then again, in 2020 in response to the killing of George Floyd, RI sought leadership from the diverse RI family to lead the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Leadership Council. Both councils work closely with RI teams and leadership to give voice to all members of the RI family

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Leadership Council (DEILC), sponsored by the executive leadership team, adheres to their mission which states – “We value the uniqueness of those we encounter because we realize their differences in viewpoints, culture, experiences, and beliefs are critical to an inclusive environment where we all can thrive. We demonstrate inclusive behavior through client recovery, clinical best practices, and optimization of quality and compliance that encourages freedom of voice, ability to grow and a sense of belonging. RI, a global mental health recovery organization will continue to enhance an inclusive culture where being YOU matters.” In an effort to align with their mission, the DEILC hold their core values of freedom of voice, equity, growth, and belonging in the forefront of all that they do to provide an environment where all staff and clients can thrive. Within the organization, the DEILC provides several opportunities for staff to contribute their differences in viewpoints, culture, experiences, and beliefs to ensure equitable practices. If you would like to become involved in the opportunities offered within DEILC, please contact the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Leadership Council.

RI International Peer Powered

Our mission is to strengthen the living experience of recovery as a dynamic and central value in the day to day mission of RI International. Our work is integral to the effective implementation of the “Fusion Model,” which brings together the best of the Peer Recovery model and the Clinical/Medical Model. Our council is made up on peer leaders from across RI International. In the context of our council, “Peer” means having our own experiences of recovery from various challenges, which may include mental health challenges, substance use, trauma, homelessness, and/or other challenges commonly experienced by people receiving services at RI International. Most of us also have experience in supporting loved ones/family members on their journey of recovery. So we are “Peers” who draw on both our professional experience and our personal recovery experience to help lead and shape programs at RI International. We provide a “Peer perspective” in collaborative work with the RI Executive Team and Board of Directors that aims to continuously enhance the quality of RI’s services and contributions to the community. We seek to increase opportunities for people with living experience of recovery to have a voice and a role in the leadership at RI, both through direct leadership and indirect leadership. We support a culture of open communication by encouraging people in the RI community to ask questions, provide feedback, and share ideas.

Please email us at RI.PeerLeadership@riinternational.com and introduce yourself, share your thoughts about RI and your ideas for increasing the voice and the role of peers in the leadership of our company.

RI International Medical Leadership Council

The Medical Leadership Council (MLC), established in 2021, provides clinical direction for RI International working closely with peers, leaders, and clinical staff to deliver the fusion model to all that we serve. The council and its members closely align with the four KEYS of the RI Way: Safety, Engagement, Peer-powered, and Performance. RI values the role of clinical leaders as vital to providing a link between clinical staff and administrative management. RI’s Medical Leadership Council is composed of Medical Leaders across RI who support the utilization of the four KEYS and who share the goal of improving the quality and safety of care provided by RI team members for the communities we serve. The Medical Leadership Council is vital to RI’s health system operations and in developing and transforming how care is delivered as we continue to increase in size, scale, and scope. The MLC operates several subcommittees including Nursing, Clinician, Electronic Health Record, Peer Review, Opioid, and Privileging subcommittees that each focus on specific areas of clinical care. If you would like to be involved with the MLC or a subcommittee, please reach out to MLC@riinternational.com