RI Team Photo Welcome to RI Kisha Bashkiharatee in a dance competition "The growing part is not easy. It hurts, and it’s uncomfortable, so it’s okay to embrace that part of your life." — Kisha Bashkiharatee Christopher Bartz running a Spartan Race with his co-workers "You can make life changes at any time in your life." — Christopher Bartz Terrence Smithers speaking about mental health and employment "Invite people forward, beyond their limits and their labels." — Terrence Smithers Shelby Rowe in New Mexico to show her Chickasaw bead art. "Find the things that resonate in your soul and do those as often as you can." — Shelby Rowe Stefan Talabisco boxing "I think the misconception is that once you fall down, you're not going to get back up." — Stefan Talabisco RI International Employee and Guests Participating in Group Therapy We’ve always treated a person in crisis as our guest. An inspiration born in 1996, at our first Crisis Recovery Center just outside Phoenix, we carry the same "RI Way" wherever we go.

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