Sponsored by the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission (MHSOAC), The Crisis Now Academy is a 10-month learning community designed to support California Counties in optimizing their behavioral health and substance use disorder crisis system.

By sharing the course modules, participants will more deeply explore well-founded and provocative Crisis Now related topics, forge relationships with one another, and develop productive learning habits, including making thoughtful connections among courses. Active participants will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to transform their current crisis systems.

Thirteen (13) educational sessions are hosted by nationally recognized leaders in crisis and includes representation from government, funding, providers, law enforcement, and national thought leaders. The Crisis Now Academy will include the following:
  • Weekly Individual Technical Assistance with Crisis Now Academy Faculty
  • Community Stakeholder Engagement Support, upon request
  • Community Stakeholder Meeting Support
  • Crisis System Optimization Tools —
Strategic Planning Tools
Strategic Planning Tools
Capacity Modeling Tools
Capacity Modeling Tools
Crisis Now Element Fidelity Tools
  • Introduction to Crisis Now
  • Mobile Crisis Outreach Team Functions
  • Implementation & Strategic Planning
  • Evidence-Based Practices
  • Equity and Diversity
  • Funding Approaches
  • Facility-Based Crisis Center Functions
  • Stakeholder Relationship Building
  • Law Enforcement Collaboration
  • Call Center Functions
  • Capacity Modeling
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Workforce Development


RI Consulting has a 20-year history of providing industry-leading consulting and training in peer support, crisis services, Psychiatric Rehabilitation and peer-driven systems of care. The RI Consulting team has delivered these services in over 37 states within the US as well as Singapore, Italy, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia. Our consultants work with you to design our trainings to meet your specific needs. The RI Peer Employment Training (PET) program is an industry standard training and is recognized in most states and multiple countries. o Depending on State regulations, our team works with Vocational Rehabilitation (RSA), Veteran’s Administration, Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA), and state grants. We work with groups and organizations to bring our trainings to you (some minimum attendance requirements may be applicable); we also support individual enrollment in currently offered trainings.

RI International provides a wide range of consulting services ranging from assessments and analyses to full program and organizational support and implementation. We offer value-based and recovery-based deliverables that demonstrate meaningful outcomes and a return on investment.

Gap Analysis​

This service analyzes the current-state of behavioral healthcare (BH)-related policy, planning, implementation, and evaluation, against required or preferred standards, statute, regulations or best practices, to identify any gaps between “what is” versus “what would be optimal.”

Program or System Evaluation

This service evaluates the effectiveness of a current BH-related program or service delivery system in meeting established needs with the goal of improving the program or system to better meet identified needs. This is both a qualitative evaluation involving stakeholder interviews, focus groups and/or surveys and a quantitative evaluation analyzing existing data, a review of available reports on performance, outcomes, and measures of satisfaction.

Maturity Assessment

This is an assessment of the state of a BH-related program or service delivery system that has a history of stability and satisfactory processes and outcomes, but could potentially benefit from an analysis against what has become state-of-the-art in the BH marketplace given new learning, the application of evidence to practice, and recent market developments.

Regulatory or Accreditation Assessment

This assessment is focused on specific regulatory requirements of CMS, SAMHSA, CDC, FEMA, HIPPA, OSHA, Olmstead, etc. as they apply to behavioral healthcare settings; and on accreditation standards such CARF, Joint Commission, or COA. This assessment will identify areas of non-compliance and result in a mutually developed corrective action plan to assure compliance.

Policy and Administrative Rules Assessment

Local, county, regional, or state BH authorities, with or without the support of private entities, can plan for a robust BH delivery system. But if there is not an alignment between that plan and the Medicaid benefit design and the state, regional, and or county regulatory and funding structure, then the implementation of the BH plan is likely to be in jeopardy.

Governance and Management Assessment

This assessment intends to define the potential impacts associated with the organization’s current governance and business functions while making recommendations to put the organization on a more sustainable financial trajectory.

Clinical And/Or Recovery Support Assessment

RI assesses an organization’s capabilities related to: Confidentiality and the Protection of Client Privacy including Client Rights, Fraud and Abuse/Events/Incident Reports; Outcome Measures and Objectives; Quality Management, Clinical Supervision, Staff Development, and the implementation of evidence-based best practices and clinical documentation standards. In addition, RI is prepared to assess peer support services and recovery training, credentialing, and continuing education.

Immersion Talks

These “talks” offer experiential learning by visiting one or more of RI service sites where you can gain firsthand experience in witnessing RI’s competencies in action. These experiences provide meaningful engagement with RI staff, on the ground, who can walk you through RI business, clinical, and recovery services and processes and respond to your questions along the way.

Complementary Discovery Sessions

This is a dedicated time with a RI BH crisis system management or other appropriate expert. This time allows for a brief review of your current BH crisis system, clinical, or recovery service and an articulation of the vision for your future system or service. Subsequently, you will be provided with “a back of the napkin” roadmap for getting to this envisioned outcome.

Planning and Implementation Blueprints

This technical assistance includes activities to identify planning and implementation requirements and develop and document the completion of planning milestones and implementation targets.

Dry Runs

Dry Runs are site visits that are intended to ensure that your new program is ready to be operationalized; that the procedures and processes that have been developed are viable. This a “hands on” form of technical assistance that determines the operational readiness level of staff and management.

Policy Making

RI offers to policy-making authorities, assistance in crafting model legislation, administrative rules, and/or BH benefits. In addition, RI’s subject matter experts stand ready to provide testimony before policy-making bodies in support of policies that make BH more available, accessible, responsive, and impactful while demonstrating a return on investment.

Other Options

RI provides customized consulting service options associated with Crisis Now, Care Management, Integrated Outpatient Behavioral Health, Co-occurring Disorder Treatment, Wellness, Transitional Living Service, Supportive Housing, Supported Education and Employment.


We offer a wide variety of trainings, in topics ranging from whole health and wellness to certified training for future peer support specialists. We have developed these training opportunities within the recovery framework of RI International’s programs and services, and have taught most of them all across the United States and in other countries. We pride ourselves on serving the specific needs of agencies and organizations across the nation, and worldwide.

Our Certified Peer Support Specialist Training (CPSS) is recognized around the world. To date, we have trained over 6,000 individuals worldwide. Our CPSS training is certified curriculum in several states, including Arizona, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and California.

CPSS Training has been developed and updated through the years, to support individuals in developing a unique set of skills needed to work as a Peer Support Specialist.

Peer Support works: We are living proof!

With the largest peer workforce in the world (600+ and growing), RI International has been a recognized leader in the development of a sophisticated and effective peer support workforce. The core of this success is our signature CPSS Training (also known as Peer Employment Training). It is engaging and fun, challenging and transformative, holding the high expectation that people with significant challenges can overcome them and succeed at the highest level.

Peer Support with RI Consulting: What we bring to the table

The two-week (76-hour) interactive training focuses on:  1) Developing peer support skills for use in the workplace,  2) The exploration and development of personal recovery, and  3) Supporting individuals in recognizing their strengths, responsibilities and accountability as certified peers. A certificate is issued upon completion of the course. Training prerequisites include a High School Diploma or GED equivalent, and lived experience with recovery. For state certification in Arizona, Pennsylvania and Minnesota, additional prerequisites may apply.

Where We Train: Certified Peer Support Specialist Training

RI Consulting offers Certified Peer Support Specialist Training (Peer Employment Training) on a regular basis in these states: Arizona, California, Pennsylvania, Minnesota.

CPSS Training for Veterans

Our Veteran’s training curriculum, created in alliance with Veterans’ Health Administration (VHA), has been delivered to veterans throughout the country, to meet the specific needs of our veteran communities. Current and recent veteran CPSS training locations include St. Louis, Missouri; Long Beach and Oakland, California; Phoenix, Arizona; St. Paul, Minnesota; and other cities as requested. RI’s Peer Employment Training is also recognized as an approved training for the GI Bill.

CPSS Training in the Department of Corrections

RI Consulting has partnered with the State of Pennsylvania Department of Corrections to create and implement Certified Peer Specialist training of inmates, to serve as support for their peers within the institutions. Summary: The project began in 2009, with the first group of Certified Peer Specialists trained in the Fall of 2010. Since then, inmates in over 20 prisons have been trained and some of those institutions have had double trainings to continue to build their peer workforce. The Certified Peer Specialists are working in all areas of the prisons including the infirmaries, psychiatric care units, gymnasiums, individual blocks and the Restricted Housing Units. We have also trained key staff in how to work with peers, and this has been a crucial step in the successful outcomes among the DOC populations. The goal, in the current phase three, is to complete trainings in all PA DOC Institutions. To date: 300+ inmates have been trained as Certified Peer Support Specialists. Among them, approximately 250 are actively working in their roles within the institutions.

Peer Support around the globe

Certified Peer Support Specialist Training has been adapted and delivered to meet the needs of growing peer support communities throughout the United States and in several countries, including: England, Scotland, Canada and New Zealand.

Contact us for CPSS Training opportunities!

For more information on how to bring RI Consulting’s Certified Peer Specialist Training to your state, city or organization, please email us at RIConsulting.PET@riinternational.com.

What is Peer Support?

Peer Support is engagement and relationship built upon the unique gift of similar life experiences. A trained Peer Support Specialist knows how to use their story of recovery from mental health, addiction, co-existing mental health and addiction challenges or other physical health challenges as a way to inspire hope for recovery. As a peer support and the person they are serving work side by side, the individual is supported to embrace their gifts, strengths, and remember they are the expert on themselves. Peer Support Specialists can provide a wide variety of services to individuals seeking wellness:
  • Supporting the individual’s self-advocacy skills
  • Providing case management services
  • Recovery Coaching
  • Crisis support services
  • Employment and housing support.
Each relationship is unique, and each individual develops their own plan.

Certified Peer Support Specialist Training

Our Certified Peer Support Specialist Training (CPSS) is recognized around the world. To date, we have trained over 6,000 individuals worldwide. CPSS Training is certified curriculum in several states, including Arizona, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and California – and is a preferred curriculum of the Veterans’ Administration in certifying Peer Support Specialists.

Additional Trainings for Peer Support Specialists

We also offer several skill-building trainings specifically designed Peer Support Specialists who are already engaged in a Peer Support position and looking to take their skill set to a more advanced level.

For more information, please email us at RIConsulting.PET@riinternational.com.

ASIST, provided through LivinigWorks, is an in-person training and is not currently offered, by RI, due to COVID 19 restrictions. To find an ASIST training in your area please visit: Find a Training » LivingWorks Education. When the restrictions are lifted, we will post the update here – check back with us for updates. Thank you.

For more information, please email us at RIConsulting.PET@riinternational.com.

Our Facilitator Training and Certification programs are designed to teach the skills and tools needed to promote the success of class participants.

Depending on the training, you will learn how to:

  • Organize, coordinate and administer the training program
  • Utilize adult learning principles in the delivery of the training
  • Demonstrate effective facilitation and presentation skills
  • Accommodate various learning styles to enhance skill comprehension.

Learn to deliver inspiring and transformative classes

Facilitating Learning is where it all begins! In a dynamic workshop format, participants will gain key adult-learning strategies to facilitate inspiring classes where learning and transformation can happen. This course is designed to help recovery and wellness facilitators bring their instructional delivery skills to an advanced level.

For more information, please email us at RIConsulting.PET@riinternational.com.

As a current or future supervisor, we know you want a training that will teach practical skills and not just theory. We have packed our trainings with skill-building information and exercises to help you create a motivating work environment.

These trainings are for you, the supervisor!

  • Certified Peer Support Specialist Supervisor Training
  • Keeping Recovery Skills Alive
  • Facilitating Learning
  • Any of our trainings under our Program and Class Facilitators section might apply, depending on the size of your organization.
Whether you are introducing recovery concepts to your staff for the first time, or you are a seasoned supervisor of peer support specialists, all of these trainings are designed with you in mind.

For more information, please email us at RIConsulting.PET@riinternational.com.

We are an organization committed to being and building strong recovery organizations through the use of recovery language, recovery pathways, and working with and learning from peers in the workplace. We want to share the knowledge and tools we’ve learned along the way – and continue to learn -as we transformed our workplace into a recovery culture.

Supervision: Building a Peer Workforce and a Recovery Culture

  • Certified Peer Support Specialist Supervisor Training
  • Keeping Recovery Skills Alive, A Recovery-Based Supervision Toolkit

Organizational/System Transformation

    • Making Recovery Real
    • Recovery Oriented Crisis Services
    • Transformational Advocacy

For more information, please email us at RIConsulting.PET@riinternational.com.

Coming Soon!

As the world gets smaller and our lives become more fast-paced, it is wonderful to know we can still be connected and learn on the go. We have many trainings in process that will be rolled out in the coming months. Please check back soon!